Easy Trekking
Nepal has a wide range of trekking trail, there are several trekking paths which is classified as easy mode trek on foot of the Himalayas. Easy trek recommends for the beginner trekker’s and also perfects for a family holiday where kids and elderly can enjoy a holiday with exploring an amazing Nepalese cultural. An easy trek contains 4/5 hours hiking inside the typical Nepalese villages and dense forest of flowers also ascending up to 3000 m without any acute mountain sickness risk. All the easy trek trail has fine private bathroom accommodation with electricity plus internet connection. The trekker’s also enjoying to see spectacular Mountain View including glorious sunrise and sunset. Nepal easy trek length is from 3 days to 10 days near to snowcapped mountains.

Moderate Trekking
A moderate trek in Nepal comprises steeply climb on the hill up to 4000 m above sea level and sharply descending on a crumbling trail. Good physical shape folks can do modest trek without previous exercise. A trek begins from a tropical or temperate climate then climb up to subalpine zone. The traveler needs to walk 6/7 hours a day and a trail contains stone-stair uphill and grit descend, often walk on the snow.

Strenuous trekking
A strenuous trek is known as high altitude trek where trekker’s ramble trans Himalayan climate altitude over 5000 m, the travelers need to be physically appropriate, good stamina as well as a good health condition. Nepal strenuous trek is quite adventurous where trekking route crosses the passes and need to walk roughly 14/15 kilometer a day in 7/8 hours trek. You will go really close to high mountains, also need to walk on the unstable rocky path and crossing the glaciers. Nival area does not have a permanent human settlement and a lodge open seasonal, the elementary accommodation is existing.

Plus Strenuous Trekking
Some of the treks like Dhaulagiri round, Tashi Lapcha, Amphu Lapch, Sherpanil Col, Tilman pass, Tirila pass, Lumba Sumba trek and  Upper Dolpo trek are a really physical challenging trek in Nepal. This plus strenuous trek recommends for the experienced trekker’s and climber also needs to do trek up to 6000 m above sea level as well.