The world believes that Tibet was founded 21,000 years ago. It is the traditional homeland of Tibetan people, set on the plateau of the northeast of the Himalayas in Asia. Tibet is the highest elevation of human living on earth and only Tibetan people lived there until late 1950, some other ethnic groups became part of arid highland. Tibet is a huge country with an area of 1.228 million km, from an elevation of 1,600 m to 8,848 m making it the highest point of the earth.
Tour and trekking cover the center and western Tibet, where most of the attractive monuments, monastery, and natural diversity are located. Hindus and Buddhist believe Tibet is the abode of God. Tibet was ruled by the different empire in a different era, the Tibetan Empire, Yuan Dynasty, Tsangpa Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and from 1950 it is under Chinese rule. Central Tibet has the most unique and amazing monuments like Lhasa, Gyantse, Xigatse with rich natural diversity like Everest Base Camp and Turquoise Lakes. Western Tibet is very popular for pilgrimages tour and trekking, where Holy mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lakes, Aastha Parbat, Tirtha Puri, Guge Kingdome, Tholing Monastery, Milarepa Cave, etc. Musical Adventure trekking escorted tour will give you the utmost travel experience of the roof of the world.