Peak climbing in Nepal with an experienced Sherpa climbing guide at an affordable cost. Trekking peak can climb with obtaining climbing permits also scale the virgin peak.
Each year thousand and thousand adventure passionate tourist are visiting Nepal for climbing the trekking peak. We give you a guarantee from the summit of any peak, offer the best view of the mountains with unique climbing experience. With permission of the Nepal government, 27 snow peak is categorized as trekking peak and permitted to climb after obtaining permits from Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal tourism board. So NMA has classified as trekking peak above 5800 m to 6600 m of altitude series. These 27 peaks are located different trekking region of Nepal and can easily see from popular trekking routes also can scale your favorite trekking peak with few days extend on your trek itinerary. Nepal
peak climbing is rated strenuous plus that’s mean next level than trekking where a climbing guide is mandatory. The climbing guide has taken a climbing course from NMA both basic and advanced. You might be wondering to know climbing guide cost. So climbing guide salary is not on the day based it is trip base and cost USD250 per trip for any NMA peak without insurance.
On peak climbing voyage needs to use compulsory climbing gear like rope, ice axe, helmet, plastic boot etc. Maximum of these trekking peak is evaluated as nontechnical from the mountaineering eyes but folks need to be physically fit as well requires to have good stamina. Also, these peaks are for the beginner climber as well also can climb without prior climbing experienced and advanced training for the mountaineer.

Autumn and spring are recommended for best peak climbing season in the year. Easily find the teammate for solo bag packer which makes the climbing cost cheaper than solo. There is a different peak permit cost in autumn and spring from September to November (USD250) and December to August (USD70).