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19 Jul 2020 Dil Gurung


Nepalese food is famous around the world because of cooked with verities of ingredient with its own epicurean history also influences from Tibetan and Indian cuisine. The people in Nepal from a different background as well as different ethnic groups who have their own cooking method. Nepalese chefs usually mixed different fresh garden-grown produce constituent to make food yummy like garlic, ginger, turmeric, fresh organic vegetable, cardamom, clove, coriander, cumin, tomato, red & green chili, Sichuan pepper, etc and cook with sunflower and mustard oil. Nepalese dishes/food are commonly healthier as well as less oily and chilly than other Asian countries’ cuisine.

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat, it also called the Thakali set or Nepalese meal set ingredient of rice, lentil soup, seasonal vegetable, Papadum, Pickle, and flatbread (Roti) in an option. Most of Nepalese eat Dal bhat across Nepal it often substituted by different grain (maize, potato, millet, buckwheat etc) meals like Dhido in Nepal. Different ethnic people serve different quality rice with variations of seasonal vegetable and meats (Chicken, Mutton, Buff, & Fish) are in the option.      

Mo Mo

Mo Mo, the dumpling made with white flour of wheat that filling of different ingredients mostly meats and vegetables also available on cheese, Paneer, etc in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, northern and eastern India. Mo Mo is one of the famous local dishes for snacks. Meat Mo Mo mainly buff and chicken are commonly found in the shop also can order goat, lamb, pork, and yak, all this Mo Mo can cook on steam and fry on your preference. Vegetable Mo Mo it filling with onion, garlic, cabbage, spinach, carrot, potatoes, ginger, coriander, and tomatoes. Also cheese mo mo and paneer Mo Mo also available in the restaurant. The standard size of the Mo Mo is 10 pieces on the plate.


Dhindo used to eat by most of the Nepalese especially hilly and mountain region of Nepal, in the presents day the rice reach most of the Nepalese people kitchen. Dhindo is the healthy food in Nepal that eat with lentil soup and different types of vegetable. Source of the Dhindo is millet, buckwheat, and cornflour, this crops plant most of the places in Nepal. If you like to try Dhindo in the town around Thamel, some of the restaurants prepare it on request.

Dhau [Bhaktapur Yogurt]

It literally called the king of yogurt in Nepal and special yogurt made with bacterial fermentation of milk. It serves traditionally in clay pots. It comes in different sizes depends on your weather like to have big or small quantity but mostly taken as a dessert in small size.

Sel Roti [Home Made Doughnut]

Deep-fried ear ring-shaped bread of white flour of rice and wheat with sugar. The bread is crispy and sweet it can eat with curry and yogurt. Most people eat this bread for breakfast and afternoon snacks.


 I believe Samosa is Indian food but widely popular in Nepal as well. It is a triangular cone size pastry with a filling of potatoes, onion, peas, and cover by thin white color breed. After deeply cooked the color turned into brown or red. The samosa eats with pickle, ketchup, tea, or curry. 


Typical Newari dish widely recognize in the Newari community in Nepal, it looks like a pizza with unique taste. It commonly finds most of the local Newari restaurants in Kathmandu also in several tourist restaurants. Chatamari food prepares with white flour of rice and wheat with mixed of the meat (mostly buff) egg, and some vegetables.


The typical Newari dish comprises grilled buffalo meat with some spices and beaten flatten rice but it elaborates in present days and can find with pork, chicken, mutton, and duck in the restaurant. Buff Choila is a common food item that easily gets at a local restaurant and needs go special restaurant for a duck, chicken, pork, and mutton Choila in Kathmandu.

Thukpa Soup [Thenthuk Soup]

Thick noodle soup can be the main meal because of serve on a big bowl with a bunch of ingredients. It either cooked with thin noodles or thick homemade noodles then can add ingredients as your preference like meat, egg, cheese, and verities of vegetables. It commonly popular in the mountain region of Nepal, it is common food items can find on the menu en route of any trekking route in Nepal.

Sukuti [Dried cooked meat]

Well-cooked dry meat good snacks for the alcohol, most of the restaurant serve buff sukuti also possible to have chicken, mutton, pork in some places. The sukuti fry on the oily pan then serves with onion and green coriander on the plate also adding the chilly on demand.

Tongba (Homemade Beer) 

Traditional millet-based alcoholic beverage widely famous in-between indigenous people who residence in tropical climate zone but lately famous into all the Nepalese community and also called special drinks for the cold. High demand during the winter season and festival/occasion.
Tonga drink serves on the wooden or bamboo vessel then mixed with hot water after that use straws of bamboo or steel to drink.

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