Nepal is famous for mountain treks and there is different grade trekking route in Nepalese Himalayas. The trekkers have various options to select short to long trek activities in Nepal. Nepal trek passes through villages, hills, forests, moraine, glaciers, and crossing high passes. Also, traversing the different climate zone from sub-tropical to Trans-Himalayas. As trekking on different mountain terrain should train back at home town for few weeks.

Easy Trekking
Easy trek route marked up to 3500 m above the sea level and mostly walking thru village and forest. The easy trek defines 4-6 hours of walking in mountain terrain. Then climb to the nearby attractive viewpoint and admire the panoramic mountain vista. The low altitude trek calls short trek and recommend for the family holiday, novice, and student groups also as the old-age folks. The trail extends into the typical Nepalese village, pristine forest, and rice terrace. Also completely no chance of suffering from high altitude sickness. Nepal’s easy trek length is from 3 days to 10 days near snowcapped mountains. The trek provides spectacular mountain views and charming Nepalese culture also diverse landscapes. The following counted trekking routes are counted as easy treks in Nepal. Example Poon Hill trek, Mohare Danda trek, Langtang valley trek, Tamang heritage trek, Pikey Peak, and Everest view trek.

Moderate Trekking
The moderate grade level trek is trodden up to 4500 meters above sea level. This trek requires physical fitness and need to walk steeply uphill in the subalpine terrain. Good physical shape folks can do the moderate trek without previous exercise. Trekkers need to walk 5-7 hours a day the trail contains stone-stair uphill and grit descent on the rough path. As we trek highland easily encounter the Yak and Himalayan Monal. Also, climb to the high viewpoint to watch glorious sunrise and sunset on the snow peaks. Example: Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu circuit trek, Annapurna Circuit trek, Everest classic trek etc.

Strenuous trekking
A strenuous trek is known as a high altitude trek where the trekker’s ramble Trans Himalayan climate altitude over 5000 m. The travelers need to be physically appropriate, have good stamina as well as a good health condition. Nepal’s strenuous trek is quite adventurous where the trekking route crosses the passes and need to walk roughly 14/15 kilometers a day.
On some of the days walking 7-8 hours in the alpine and Trans Himalayan terrain. You will be trekking on the moraine of the wild glacier and this route is often closed from December to February. And also crossing high altitude dramatic passes en route. Due to the cold and snowfall, the lodge near to passes might close down. These treks are the famous strenuous and difficult trek Everest three passes trek, the Kanchenjunga trek among them.

Plus Strenuous Trekking
Some of the treks like Dhaulagiri round, Tashi Lapcha, Amphu Lapch, Sherpanil Col, Tilman pass, Tirila pass, Lumba Sumba trek, and Upper Dolpo trek are really physical challenging treks in Nepal. This plus strenuous trek recommends for the experienced trekker and climber also needs to do trek up to 6000 m above sea level as well.