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Karol Lee, Singapore

Hi Dil Namaste!
I am pleased to commend Dil Gurung to visitors who are planning to trek in Nepal anytime without reservation. He was my group’s traveling companion on two separate trips in 2009 and 2010 and the experiences had been phenomenal. Not only was his attitude professional when it comes to guide-and-client relationship, he displays sincerity, thoughtfulness and sensitivity at all times– he has authenticity that cannot be hidden. As our companion twice, everything from pre-trek to post-trek had been superbly planned and executed and we were never caught in trying situations that abated our trekking zeal. He was always cheerful, full of humor and ready to provide genuine Nepalese hospitality. My group was truly grateful to have his presence, as not only were our trekking needs well met, he was anticipatory in action, providing whatever that was necessary even when we had not anticipated it. It was in those moments where Dil gave us those elements of surprise that sets Dil truly above and apart from, other guides we had befriended on past treks.

Besides, I had also commended Dil to friends and colleagues, who had trekked both individually and in groups with him, and their reviews had returned with similar praises and admiration. He has great character and personality, and my lady friend who had trekked solo with him had attested to his integrity; in fact, she returned to trek in Nepal several times again with Dil as her companion!
Karo; Lee,
Singapore, Singapore.

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