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FAQs Gokyo Lake Trek

The Gokyo lake and Gokyo Ri trek is most popular trek in Everest region after Everest Base Camp Trek.The trek start from Lukla then following days trek passing through Phakding, Namche, Dole, Machhermo, Gokyo and after ascend to Gokyo Ri descend to Lukla and fly back to Kathmandu. The trek shows you a glimpse of  the Sherpa culture and an amazing Himalayan ranges with four mountains out of the 14 being above 8000M. Since traveler planning to do Gokyo Valley Trek, lots of question might come in your mind. Let’s find out some answer of Gokyo Lake Trek.

How long is the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek and how many hours do we hike each day?.
Trek duration and walking is based on physical ability of travelers. We suggest and we prepared standard pattern itinerary for our clients, it works and fit for 90% of travelers. Standard pattern itinerary advise to trek 4-7hrs each day. If possible keep at least 2days extra than as you plan your trek, because your Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flight might be delay.

What is the accommodation like on the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek?
Standard accommodation is available in the Everest Gokyo LakeTrek. The room is cozy, neat and clean and must of room has twin-sharing bed with Mountain View. All the room has one complementary blanket but it is not enough warm for night should take good quality sleeping bag from town. We advise to take -15 ºc sleeping bags with inner cotton liners. Most of the accommodation is basic lodge/guesthouse and most of the lodge/guesthouse have bathrooms outside the room but still inside the same building. The entire hotel has neat and clean western sitting toilet and Asian squat toilet unless temperature went minus and frozen the water. From 5pm to 8pm normally they on he chimney in dinning and the hall stay warm.

What Qualifications do the guides have?
Mountain/trekking guide are educated and will explain about the culture, history and regions of Nepal. The guide have to attend certified course that are offered by Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and they need to attend 45Days classes and then they get their Trekking Guide Licensed.

Can We Hire the Sleeping bag/Down Jackets?.
Yes, we will arrange good quality of sleeping bag and down jacket for during the trek.

Do we carry our own luggage on the trek? In not, what is the weight of the Porters Carry?.
You will not be responsible to carry your luggage from Lukla – Gokyo Lake - Lukla. The porters can carry load between 25kg to 30kg (sharing between two trekker's). You will be responsible to carry your day pack with the essential and personal things such as water, Camera, wind and waterproof jacket, sun lotion extra camera batteries.

How Fit Do I Need to be to do the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek?.
Yes, you need to be fit to do Everest Gokyo Lake Trek, The best way to train yourself for Everest Gokyo Ri trek is to strap a pack on your back and go hiking as long as you can. By doing so your feet and joints will become accustomed to the constant walking you will face on the trek. Also be sure to hit the gym and run.

Can I do Everest Gokyo Ri Trek, If I'm Scared of Elevations?.
Yes you could do Everest Gpkyo Ri Trek even it is first trek in your life or scared of Heights. Yes Everest Gokyo Ri trek is at height of 5364MM/13,120FT. We need a minimum 7 days to reach at 5364M by the time you reaching at Gokyo Lake; you will admire of the local atmosphere or used to be with local environment. 

 Can I Do Everest Gokyo Ri Trek with Kids?.
Yes you could do Everest Gokyo Lake Trek with your family and Kids. We often organized family trek to Everest Gokyo Lake, Most important things, the kids have to be old enough to recognize, understand and able to communicate of the early sign of Altitude Sickness. We advise to parent please don't bring the child, if child are not understand risk. Because of kids are traveling and spending overnight at more than 4800M.

  Can I Get Cash out on the Everest Gokyo LakeTrek?.
Yes and No, Yes there is ATM in Lukla and Namche but it is not worth to believe it. It often stops to work. If you carry any currency with you either $/€/¥/£ travel cheque, it will be exchange but less value than commercial city like Kathmandu. If you prefer to carry cards with you, there is swap machine along the trail but 5% charge will be applicant on top of the total amount.

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