Guide and porter hire for Nepal trekking at affordable cost for Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, and Upper Mustang Trekking. Nepal, the land-lock mountainous country is rich in nature and culture also more popular for outdoor activities mainly trekking in the mountains. The bio-diversity and multiple climate countries are spreading from tropical to Trans Himalayas climate and have fours season throughout the year. There are different trekking routes in Nepal which are classified as easy, moderate and strenuous.

We tremendously request to hire a local trekking guide (linguistic trekking guide are available) for your trekking in Nepal Mountain. The guide is very useful for Nepal trekking, the experienced trekking guide has a vast knowledge of mountains, Nepalese culture, history, religion, heritage, and trekking route. A good guide always provides accurate information on the trekking route, hassle-free, secure also kill your leisure time with entertaining like a playing card, chess, and teaching a few interesting Nepalese worlds. An experienced guide always makes sure the clients have a comfortable journey on a dream adventure. The trekking guide always takes a client through a safe and secure trekking route also gives an idea of possible side trips. Another important fact on Nepal trekking there is many small paths en route which are taken by local and animals for the grazing. Quite often mistakenly tourists taken the wrong path and then miserable news came-out yearly, the trekkers missing. All the trekking route has nice places off the beat of the main route which is hard to reach by self. Guide escort these beautiful places safely in a convenient way.

We arrange a trained and highly experienced trekking guide for your trekking in the mountains. Our guide has obtained various tourism-related training that course made guide excellent on his career and all this helps make successful trips. Musical adventure trekking is accountable for guide and porter as well as insured for the entire trips. We have experienced and professional trekking guide for all trekking routes wherever the travelers willing to visit.
Beyond the guide, strong porter is equally important as much as a guide for trekking in Nepal especially high altitude and off the beaten trekking routes. The porter mainly carries a big load of roughly 25 kg and speak bit rough English but always appear with friendly and happy. Porter is accountable for your belongings during the trek from starts to end without any damages. We provide strong, high altitude experienced, and good manner trekking porter. The porter also gives extra cheer in your trek.
In conclusion, hire guides and porter for Nepal trekking, kindly support Nepalese economics and for safe trekking in mountains also highly suggest hire them from government resister trekking agency because they have insurance of field staff.