Ruby valley, the conch shaped unspoiled valley is famous for the unique Nepalese culture of the different inhabitants and the natural display of multiple climate zones. Ruby valley and Ganesh Himal trek route used to be iconic camping trek route in Nepal before and early moist insurrection then later on less than handful international tourist trek throughout the virgin ruby valley till 2008 A.D. Ruby valley rise-up again since 2009 also the local community starts to operate home-stay where hiker stay and eat with a local family. Still, Ruby valley and Ganesh Himal region considered as less touristic or off the beaten trekking path in Nepal. Hardly around a couple of hundred trekkers trekking yearly throughout the unique and beautiful valley.
The name ruby valley is brought because of the valley beyond the human settlement has precious red gem (ruby) and white crystal it has good value in the market. Trekking to Ruby valley is an idea to admire the charming Nepalese culture and lovely landscapes setting of variation altitude. The local people through the villages are mostly practicing Buddhism and the influence of Hinduism as well as see a small percentage of the Christian community. On the route come cross meeting with Tamang and Gurung people and golden opportunity to admire the realistic culture of the local. The culture fond folks enjoy to see an authentic cultural show like shaman dance, Mendo Maya dance, Ghantu dance, Lama Dance, etc. Besides the charming culture, also get a breathtaking mountain vista from Pangsang La Pass (3,842 m) and Sing La Pass (4,200 m). For the wilderness explore trek further-up beyond the human residence and discover holy lakes (Seto & Kalo tal) on foot of Ganesh Himal range, annually the local travel to the lake with a group of shaman and Lama on occasion of a full moon.

Along the journey walking alongside the Ankhu River also often crossing the suspension bridges and see the thrilling waterfall. Breath with fresh mountain air on the wildflower forest also gets a glimpse of colorful flora and fauna. Any hiker needs a minimum week to explore Ruby valley and then extended the journey to the Manaslu region or Langtang region.
In remarks, Ruby and Ganesh Himal trek is an excellent available trekking route in Nepal which has all the things to have unique trek experience in Nepal.