Nepal is the trekker’s paradise in the planet and seasonal festival also one of the attraction of Nepal where folks can encounter elaborate festival en route of trekking in Nepal. Nepal is a culturally diverse country where countless ethnic groups live and also celebrating exclusive festival across the years.

Beyond the regular trekking in nature each year numerous travel come to Nepal, to experience the Nepalese culture and festivals. Musical Adventure Trekking conducting festival trek in a different time of the years, popular festival trekking in Nepal are Upper Mustang Tiji Festival Trekking, Everest Mani Rimdu Trekking, Everest Dumji Festival Trekking, Janaipurnima Shamanism Trekking, Holy festival and monks fire dance.

These above festival celebrate annually on an immovable date which also based on the lunar calendar. Festival trekking let tourist learn the diverse culture of Nepal, each event the native participate in elaborate dress and unique ornaments. In present-day regional cultural festival alluring numerous of international tourist as it celebrates on a fixed date the transportation and accommodation sold-out in advance on event date announce.  All these colorful festival taking place in the remote villages of Rustic Mountain, it is really thrilling trekking in Nepal and it gives you amazing mountain trekking experience including crossing a suspension bridge, visiting pilgrimage sites monasteries and temples, landscapes dissimilar and glorious sunrise and sunset on towering snow-capped mountains.