Nepal has variation trekking route which is safe and risk-free trek with kids, the route taking into the typical Nepalese villages, pristine forest and distinction landscapes from tropical to mountains.

Nepal is trekker’s paradise and country of heritage assembly where outdoor enthusiast people enjoy a lot with having admiral view of landscape, rustic culture and the Himalayas. In regarding family vacation in Nepal there are various option to spend a budget or luxury family holiday in Nepal as a well as a cultural tour, jungle excursion or soft trekking in the mountains. If kids have done prior-trekking training back home easily trek up to 16000 ft without any altitude issues. Most probably maximum parents though not easy to travel with children in the Himalayas but we are here to assist your family holiday in the mountain. We are experienced to short out type travel destination for the kids in Nepal as we been conducting children holiday in Nepal since the last decade. We also advise type of requires physical excise before the board on. Holiday with children in Nepal would be beyond your expectation but will have precious vacation and forever. We believe our expertise assist will be helpful to success your venture in Nepal. Holiday with kids in mountainous country wound not as easy as seating on the hammock or playing a ball in the beach.

Musical adventure trekking basically recommended up to 10000 ft trekking for above 10 years children which involved uphill and steeply descending trekking. If the children’s are under 5 years old, we suggest you hire an extra porter for carrying kids then children are between 5-10 years can do low altitude trek by walk or pony ride.

While trekking in the Rustic Mountain and countryside of Nepal the trail taking pristine forest where often see wildlife also allure by charming Nepalese culture as well as great prospect to observe Nepalese lifestyle close by. We design special trekking programs for the youngsters where they will averagely walk 6/7 hours a day in their own pace with enjoying nearby sceneries. On the trek during the day temperature will be mild and also get a chance to walk with cloud and possible to go negative temperature in the nights. Our experienced local guide knows how to make a conversation with children and entertained them. Also, we arrange the best available accommodation in the village which helps kids for good sleep and always assist to choose hygienic and organic foods on a journey.