April, May, October & November are the best time for Manaslu Trek/Manaslu Circuit Larkya Pass Trek, mostly have mild temperatures & offer the best Mountain View. The weather plays a vital role while doing Manaslu trek in the mountains, good weather or climate make trek fabulous and gives you a lifetime experience. Nepal has 4-season in the year and 2 seasons of the year are recommended do trek in Nepalese mountains. Spring and autumn are recommended trekking season for Manaslu Circuit Larkya La Pass Trek where the weather will be pretty warm without fog and smoke.

December – January – February
These three months is winter in Nepal, most of mountain terrain temperature goes negative also possible to have heavy snowfall above 3000 m. During winter, the day has good sunshine but the short day also has chilly weather. During the night temperature dropped negative and also have frost. In this period mostly have snowfall above 10,000 ft and beyond local residence difficult to follow trekking trail then snowfall makes the trek extreme hard. Cold is always there not matter of snowfall but little snowfall make gives the best trekking experience in life. A light snowfall cover entire surrounding hills, mountains and valley white and then most of the pine tree shining.

March – April – May
The temperature getting warm since march begins, the weather also positive throughout till the second week of May. Most of the time sun shining in the day and also possible to touch and walk on snow above Dharamsala.  If you planning to do a trek in march recommend you travel with a gripper spike which will be useful while going steeply down from Larkya la pass to the close-wise base camp of Larkya la and Manaslu base camp side trek. During March to May, most of the day have blue sky might have little smoke afternoon but offers glorious sunset on the high mountains. While walking in tree lines exposing multiple flower blossoming mainly rhododendron and magnolia.

June – July – August
The monsoon begins around the 2nd week of June but basically, rainfall begins the end of May that time drizzling and chance to have hailstone. After that till August end is peak monsoon season in Nepal and advice for trekking around Manaslu. Will be heavy rainfall then possible to have a landslide, as well as the grass and shrubs, are quite tall where easily find leeches (bloodsucker)

September – October – November
Autumn is the best season for the Manaslu trekking, the grain is nearly harvesting like attractive paddies terrace in lower elevation and buckwheat and potatoes are in alpine terrain. Autumn is post-monsoon in Nepal basically the weather will be good with open blue sky and temperature also around 20-25 Degree Celsius in the day and still positive in the night as well. As it is post-monsoon the Mountain View is amazing with together blue sky. Also, the Hindus festival falls in autumn like Indra Jatra in September, Dashain falls in October and Tihar (light festival) falls in November.

Notes: Above weather information is just for ideas, the mountain weather is unpredictable and can change any time in a few hours as well.