Best Recommended Side Trips In Manaslu Trek

18 Aug 2019 Dil Gurung

The best recommend side trips in Manaslu Larkya La Pass Trek

Manaslu trek another famous trekking route in Nepalese Himalayas, a trail taking around the world 8th highest Mt. Manaslu and crossing over dramatically Larkya la pass. Manaslu circuit trek is blooming into Nepalese tourism since camping trek is cut-off and the tea house is opened along the Manaslu trek route. Also, it believed the alternative path of classical Annapurna circuit trek due to the jeep road extends up to Pisang village. On the Manaslu circuit trek can do a lot of site trek both east and west bank of Buri Gandaki river and above the wild valley. Plus-point of Manaslu trek can do a day trip to Tibet border called Rui La pass and step-in to Tibet without a visa.  

Syarang/Serang Gumba (4130 m

Syarang gomba in manaslu trek
Syarang/Serang Gompa in the manaslu trek

Syarang/Serang Gompa, a traditional Buddhist monastery lying above the Buri Gandaki valley on the lap of Siringi Himal. Bhi villages are the nearest human residence with available accommodation unless done camping trek. Syarang Gomba, have great religious value for local where more than 3 dozen mountain kids are practicing Buddhism in a beautiful monastery. We do Syarang Gomba day trek from Bhi village. Set-off from the lodge with sufficient drinking water and food for the lunch then follow a steeply uphill path into the pine forest. Syarang/Serang Gompa is one of the hidden attractions of Manaslu Circuit trek where hardly a handful trekkers visited. A day trip provides amazing scenery of the lush and green valley and crest of Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Siringi Himal. You’ll be rewarded with a close view of rare musk deer and Himalayan pleasant. If you have camping gear trek continued to Tsum valley.  The monastery is supported by the local community and Kathmandu based Kopan monastery. 

Kal Tal (Kalchhuman Lake) [3,574 m]

Kal Tal Day Hiike From Prok Village
Shadow of Mount Manaslu seen on holy Kal Tal (Kalchhuman Lake)

Kal Tal (3700 m), One of the fresh watery isolated lake lying above Prok village en route of Manaslu trek. Should travel on off the beaten path into the dense mixed forest of wild flora where often spotted a different type of the birds. A Kal Tal day hike is moderately solid because of walking against uphill also huge altitude gain in a single day almost 1280 m. The lake has great value for the local people also believed abbot of gods. A beautiful traditional Buddhist stupa built aside of sacred Lake and Buddhist flags are flattering against Mt. Manaslu and blue sky. Wilderness day hike exposes stunning mountain vista of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Siringi Himal.

Hinang Gompa (3,200 m)

Hinang Gompa en route of Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Buddhist monastery set out-track of Manaslu circuit trek and can visit from Lhi village. A sacred Buddhist sites set above the tiny Hinang village with facing mount Himal Chuli. The untouched land can reach after an hour off-road trekking on the green and yellow color pine forest. A branch trail leading ascent along the small stream which originate follow down from Hinang glacier. The monastery has great value on local where some local kids (boy and girl) are practicing Buddhism also can see two monasteries that for nunnery and monk. The main monastery has beautiful ancient wall painting with three statues including future Buddha “Maitreya”, Padmasambhava and AvalokiteŇõvara

Pungyen Gompa (3,980 m)

Pungyen gompa and mount Manaslu view
Pungyen gompa side trek in Manaslu trek

Great place for side trip en route of Manaslu circuit trek. Beautiful green plateau on foot of Mount Manaslu, Hiuchuli and peak Dr. Harka Gurung. Pungyen gompa has a Buddhist temple and some compartment for monks. Also individual quarters for the monks’ meditation and retreats. Pungyen Gompa, a huge yak pasture is surrounded by several high mountains. No accommodation facilities here but occasionally can accommodate with monks in a dormitory with simple meals like barley porridge “Champa” with butter/salt tea. Worth to spend overnight either in a tented camp or in monks hostel, can rent a tent from Shyala or Samagaon. The nearest human settlement of Pungyen Gompa is Shyala and Samagaon, a detour will be around 4/5 hours for up and down. Day trek to Pungyen Gompa is pretty tranquil with short ascending up on alpine terrain. Follow small branch route from near to suspension than can also see the footprint of yak and gentle climbing up on grit trail to the small summit then hike continued on the large grassy ground to the Pungyen Gompa with enjoying the surrounding view. 

Day Trip To Manaslu Base Camp (4,450 m)

Manaslu base camp day trip
View of Manaslu glacier on Manaslu base camp day hike

One of the fabulous day trek to Manaslu base camp (4800 m), it is a long and hard day trek with steeply climbing up in the thin air. It is a recommended day trip for acclimatization day which is preparation against Larkya La pass. Hiking with pack lunch and energy bar as well as drinking water because of no tea shop en route of Manaslu base camp. The trail starts in the moraine with following flatten path up to small stone hut then exposed on a steeply up on the sloppy hill above the huge valley with picturesque sights of Birendra lake. A further route to MBC is steady upon pebble but each of your steps offers an impressive view of the larger glacier with the wider alpine valley below. The path is pretty narrow further-up also grit as well, your body might feel hard but rewarded with a breathtaking view of Mount Manaslu and glacier. Manaslu base camp has a sign of traditional stone stupa where colorful prayer flags fluttering against killer mount Manaslu. During the Mount Manaslu expedition period, can meet up with bold people and listen to their climbing experience. After taking amazing photoshoot and picnic walk down on a thrilling path to Sama.

Milarepa Cave

It is one of the hidden cave where need to go through wilderness trail into the dwarf flower shrubs. It is one of the secret places where Buddhist saint Milarepa had done meditation while roaming across the Himalayas. It is a short day tour in the less-visited area thus, can spot wild animals and birds of high altitude. 

Birendra Tal

easy and relaxing day trip to Birendra lake in Manaslu trek
Birendra lake day trip in Manaslu trek

One of the beautiful Himalayan turquoise lakes, Manaslu glacier is the water source and exit to Buri Gandaki River. The huge Manaslu glacier is followed down from base camp and it comes all the way to the bottom of the large cliff and turns on the turquoise lake. The lake name is driven by our late King Birendra. The beautiful blue and green color Birendra Lake situated 60-min away from the lodge. It is one of the easiest physical exercise acclimatizations around Samagaon where the walk contains mostly flat thru alpine forest also possible to encounter the multiple birds. On way to hotel visit Tibetan cultural flavor Buddhist monastery, Nubri Pema Decho Ling then take a rest.

Rui La Pass (5,000 m)

Day trip to rui la pass
Border of Nepal and Tibet called Rui La

Rui La pass, border of Nepal and Tibet, the frontier is separated by fence and iron pole. Most probably there will be no security from both sides then walk further Tibet side. Rui La border is laying between two high Rocky Mountains and such a windy ridge where Tibetan prayer flags are blowing with the wind. Also, have some concrete pillar where both Chinese and Nepalese characters are written with some numbers. Rui la pass day hike is another side trek in Manaslu trek, the path is divided on two-section, the first part of the path follows the west bank of the river from Larkya Bazar with crossing wooden and iron bridge also passes yak graze the area. It also passes one of the trails leading to Fukang glacier and another route taking over the mountains to Nar Phu valley which is one of the restricted trekking routes in Nepal. Trailhead bottom of the huge boulder then crosses a seasonal bridge, from here steady climbing up on the pebble until the summit, Rui la pass (5000 m). The strenuous uphill offers an amazing view of the Fukang glacier, Manaslu and Manaslu north. Also possible to meet with locals who are traveling to Tibet for the home suppliers. Should travel with enough foods and drinks for the 8 to 10 hours hike and recommended have proper gear against cold and snowfall.

Lajyung Danda/Samdo Ri/Pana Danda (5,100 m)

Day Trips to Lajyung Bhanjyang/Samdo Ri/Pana Danda on Manaslu Trek

Lajyung Danda is the highest point among three viewpoints and standing right above Samdo village in Manaslu trek. Lajyung Bhanjyang side trip can do from Samdo village, a trailhead steeply ascend on the pebble path and little grasses with breathtaking sceneries of the surrounding mountains including Rani Peak (6693 m), Ngadi Chuli (7871 m), Simnang Himal (6251 m), Naike Peak (6211 m ), Mount Manaslu (8163 m), Manaslu North (6991 m), Larya Peak (6249 m) with together wider Buri Gandaki valley and Tibet plateau. Lajyung Bhanjyang day trek is tough hiking on the high altitude and the path also not clear, request to all do a trip with experienced and local Manaslu trek guide. 

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